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How to Build a Blog like Overreacted

July 21, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

I’ve long admired Dan Abramov’s blog probably like many React and Gatsby enthusiasts. We have all mined valuable gems from his writing. His website reflects his skill level. Built in Gatsby it features impressive features like a translation system that allows his community to contribute translations of his articles through Github. In my remix of his blog I’ve actually removed a lot of translation code because I don’t anticipate needing it.

The source code for his blog has a generous MIT License. Sensibly he copyrights his own writing, but has left his site open for us to learn from and build on top of.

Remixing Overreacted.io in a few simple steps

  1. Fork the overreacted.io Github repo to your own account.
  2. Sign up for Netlify using Github.
  3. Connect Netlify to your fork of Overreacted and deploy.
  4. Hack away.

Dan seems to deploy using ZEIT, which seems like it could work fine too. I do notice that the 404 page on his site doesn’t work properly, probably due to configuration problems with ZEIT, whereas Netlify works literally out of the box.